Audio Extender
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A-1463WPKA_wihout PSU


In-wall Remote Microphone / LINE level Mixer Extender Over CAT5

1. It can mix your audio and music from microphone and line signals (audio preamplifier) and extend to speaker via CAT5 cable.
2. Mic input (XLR) and AUX input with balanced level control.
3. Supports two types of microphones, Dynamic and Condenser.
4. Phantom power can be controlled whether to turn on
5. The transmitter has a cascade connection function.
6. The receiver provides 2 output types, XLR (line level) and 3.5 mm Jack.
7. Easy connection to host unit via Cat 5 cable.
8. Only one power supply is required for cascade connection.
9. Differential structure transmission has good sound quality.
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A. Mall.
B. Bar.
C. Arena,
D. Concert.
E. Party,
F. Church.
G. Football game, baseball game, basketball game.
H. Court.
I. Airport
1. Input Connector(Tx): 3 pin XLR balanced, 3.5mm Jack, RJ45 8P8C
2. Output Connector(Tx): RJ45 8P8C
3. Input Connector(Rx): RJ45 8P8C, 2.0 mm Power Jack
4. Output Connector(Rx): 3 pin XLR balanced, 3.5mm Jack
5. Input Impedance: 600 Ohms
6. Mic Gain:+40 dB
7. Low Cut: -3 dB @ 100 Hz
8. Maximum distance in cascade :300 Meters
9. Current Draw: 70 mA
10. Phantom Power: +12 VDC.