Microphone Mixer

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  • A-1391 : 2-Microphone Mixer to AUX Preamplifier


    2-Microphone Mixer to AUX Preamplifier

    This compact mixer brings the same standard of quality to your performances as other top-of-the-line models. Our dual channel mixer is the perfect mixer for quick, easy setups with little hassle. Designed for beginner to pro, our mixer to pre-amplifier provides outstanding audio quality for your projects. Compact with clarity for your audio needs. An ideal item for streamers and pod casters looking for quality in their audio performance. But your not limited with the flexibility of our Dual microphone ports with individual volume control, separate your audio traffic or mix them with the flip of a switch. Simple enough for the beginner with enough power and performance for the seasoned pro, our 2-Microphone mixer to AUX preamplifier can fit any audio build. With points available to anchor the body to a stable surface. Filling in the audio gap in your audio ventures, our mixer to pre-amplifier can take on a wide variety of projects. From DIY to DJ events our device can meet your needs and exceed phonic aspect.