Wireless Audio Power Amplifier / Receiver / Transceiver with Volume Control
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A-1469 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver


Wi-Fi Audio Receiver

Easily stream your favorite music this great Wi-Fi Audio Receiver. This unique product connects to your home theater or speaker system and receives audio playing from your smart device (smartphone, laptop, or personal computer). The system uses Wi-Fi to receive the wireless audio signal from your device, then plays the music to any connected speaker system, hassle-free. Setup is easy with-in 1 minutes.
Use the Muzo free app to control your audio, which also gives you the ability to connect additional receiver systems for synchronized, multi-room audio setups!
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Audio Receiving:
a. Wi-Fi/wireless .
b. Internet/LAN audio receiving.
c. Aux-in audio receiving.
d. SPDIF audio receiver.
Ability to Connect to External Devices - Download the Free App and Take Control.
Give Your Speaker & Home Theater Simple Wireless Music Streaming Ability
Works with iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, etc. - Aux (3.5mm) Input & Output
Add Wireless Ability to Connected Speakers - Compatible with All Wi-Fi Enabled Devices
Send Music to the Receiver from Your Smartphone - Built-in Wi-Fi Receives the Audio Signal.

People can do the cross control this audio receiver by using different platform (Windows, iOS, or Android platform).
Supported Mobile Devices
Android based smart phone
iOS based smart phone
Windows based smartphone
Personal Computer