Audio Converter
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A-1466 Stereo to mono audio converter


Stereo Audio to Mono Audio converter

This Stereo to Mono Converter is a must-have who need to convert stereo (left/right) into two summed mono outputs. Although most media devices are in stereo, not every space is acoustically suited for left and right channel feed. Combining the audio signal into two identical summed stereo full-range mono outputs allows a single speaker to play both channels.

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For example, clubs, restaurants, and bars have a lot of speakers that are directed in too many different ways, so they can’t define which speakers are the left ones and which are the right ones.
Therefore, they play everything in mono in order to avoid phase cancellation and other issues.
1. Includes gold-plated stereo RCA input and output and independent 1:1 ratio audio transformer that preserves signal integrity.
2. Easy to connect between stereo source outputs and right/left inputs of a power amplifier with no power required.
3. Ideal for converting multi-channel audio into public address distribution systems.
4. Perfect for PA Systems