Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier / Receiver / Transceiver with Volume Control
A-1350WPA / A-1350WPAUK : In-Wall CSR Bluetooth v5.0 Music Receiver

A-1350WPA / A-1350WPAUK

In-Wall CSR Bluetooth v5.0 Music Receiver

Specifications & Features
•Audio Inputs :Bluetooth receiver or stereo audio line level .
•Audio source select: Source is auto switch, the priority is BT first when playing.
•Audio output: Stereo audio phone jack or 3-pin Screw terminal.
•Power input(5VDC): Power jack or 2-pin Screw terminal.
•Stereo audio output: For connection to any speaker system.
•Bluetooth version: v5.0.
•Bluetooth receive Distance:10 Meters.
•Power source:5VDC/1A

Bluetooth Blue LED Status :
* Pairing mode: 1s on/off(0.5ms/0.5ms) flash 1 times
* Linked mode: Always on
* Connectable mode: 5s on/off(0.5ms/4.5ms) flash 1 time

How about use button to pairing :
§ Press button 3 seconds to boot, press button 3 seconds to off.
§ The first pairing, hold down button 5 seconds to make the Bluetooth pairing boot.
§ The pairing timeout limit is 90 seconds.
§ If pairing timeout, you need hold down button 1 second to re-pairing.
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CSR Bluetooth v5.0
Supported Mobile Devices
any smart phone with Bluetooth transmitter built-in.
any portable device with Bluetooth transmitter built-in.