Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier / Receiver / Transceiver with Volume Control
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A-1447K: Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver Kit


Wireless Audio Transmitter/Receiver Kit

This system can transmit audio from an externally connected or wireless source for up to 4x receivers over a distance of up to 30m. By pressing only one button the signal can be sent to receivers immediately for a high resolution wireless connectivity. The receiver provided is chrged via the provided USB lead and works for up to 8h on one charge.
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Sound & Video, Hobby & Education, Low Voltage, Signal Processing, Music, Wireless
• CD-quality uncompressed audio transmission.
• Built-in Bluetooth v4.2 aptX receiver and AUX-In in transmitter, auto priority
switching for the two sources. Good to use with smart voice assistant and home
theater system.
• Portable receiver design with rechargeable lithium battery, 1 hour charging run for 8 hours.
Can be connected with active speaker or headset.
• Enables streaming on up to four devices. Best-in-class coexistence with
Bluetooth, WLAN or other 2.4 GHz devices. Distance 30 meter open space.

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