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A-1446: Li-Po Battery Powered IR Repeater


Li-Po Battery Powered IR Repeater

The most common need for IR extension is bridging a short gap from your A/V equipment to a closet, cabinet, entertainment center or behind the TV. This one is the perfect solution, with its paper thin cable it is ideal for going through thin gaps in cabinets and closets, allowing you to control devices behind doors without the mess of adding additional power cables.

It uses very little power so the battery charge will last up to 12 months and is easy to recharge when needed.
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Audio, Audio Visual, Installations, Signal Processing, Remote Sensing and Metering, Wireless
1. Compatible with cable TV system (ex: Australia Foxtel, US At&T U-verse ...);
2. Power saving design with re-chargeable Li-Po battery built-in;
3. The battery lasts one year after every 2.5 hours of recharge;
4. LED indicator to show the battery charging status;
5. Dual band IR;
6. High sensitivity with 10-meter operating distance;
7. Easy to use;
8. Compact IR receiver with talkback LED;
9. Built-in IR emitter with an extra 3.5mm socket for optional external emitter cable to use.
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