IR Repeater Kits
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A-1443: IR Repeater with Output Gain Control


IR Repeater with Output Gain Control

The Remote Control Blaster Repeater Kit contains all equipment necessary to remotely operate 4 components (expandable to 12 components) using your standard remote control. Mount the IR receiver in a central location and connect to the IR Distribution Block. This block repeats the signals through IR blaster emitter cables to your electronic components. Your components may now be mounted in your entertainment center system cabinet, closet or another room! An ideal solution for those who want to hide conceal their A/V components equipment such as AV receiver, DVD Blu-ray player, and satellite receiver set top box STB etc, etc... inside a entertainment system cabinet or closet, with no direct line-of-sight needed, for a clean, stylish look
The kit is self-contained and easy to connect. With this kit you may mount a receiver in a convenient place on or near your entertainment system. The receiver has a 9 foot cable that is then attached to the repeater system that is mounted in your entertainment cabinet. The kit includes 4 IR blaster emitter. These emitters are connected from the repeater system and placed over the IR receiver of the equipment. Simple installation and hook up while using your existing remotes.
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1. Six emitter connections with adjustable output power function.
2. Expansion function design. Can be extended to a wide range of IR control system.
3. Lightweight small IR receiver design. With full-band 20 – 60 kHz infrared sensor,
effective receiving distance up to 10 meters.
4. Excellent compatibility, can be used with most devices.
5. Convenient IR confirmation LED.
6. Large detachable IR receiver connection.
7. Compact size for mounting near equipment.
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