Bluetooth Audio Power Amplifier / Receiver / Transceiver with Volume Control
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In-wall High power Bluetooth v4.2 audio power amplifier

A-1430WP / A-1430WPUK

24W Wall Plate Audio Amplifier with CSR Bluetooth v4.2

This In-wall Bluetooth audio receiver with embedded high power audio amplifier provide 2 audio source input:
1. Aux-in
2. Bluetooth.

The audio from Bluetooth always got the 1st priority, even if your Aux-In audio source still hook-up to this In-wall amplifier.
Once people switch off the Bluetooth from their cellphone, otherwise music always comes from Bluetooth
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Home entertainment, study room, Library, Church public space, live concert, piano bar...
Audio Inputs :Bluetooth Receiver or stereo audio line level
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth v4.2 compliant with aptX
Bluetooth Receive Distance:50 Meters (open space)
Power Amplifier Type:Stereo Class-D
Output power:24W(rms) per channel (@ RL=4 ohm)
THD+N :0.1 % (@ RL=4 ohm, f = 1 kHz)
Minimum Load Resistance :4 ohm
Includes Speaker Protection circuit.
Power Source:24 VDC/3A
3 min link-lost timeout function. Bluetooth automatically switch to paring state if reconnecting fail.
Audio priority: BT > Line In.

* Bluetooth Blue LED Status:
LED stateStatement
Blue led on : 1 sec , off : 2 sec , repeatAll profiles are standby but not connected with any Bluetooth device yet.
Blue led flash every 2 secA2DP or HFP is connected.
Blue led flash twice every 2 secOn A2DP streaming state.
Blue led On: 150ms, Off: 150ms repeatEnter pairing mode.
Supported Mobile Devices
smartphone (iOS and Android based system)
1. streaming audio/music from smartphone.

2. streaming audio/music from Amazon Alexa.

3. streaming audio/music from Google Home mini.
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