Audio Extender
Digital Toslink Audio CAT5 Extender Box


Digital Toslink Audio CAT5 Extender Box

This Digital Audio Extender allows you to extend S/PDIF and Toslink digital audio devices up to 200 meters over one CAT-5e or CAT6 cable. Place your digital audio components anywhere you want with this "Digital Audio Extender". It supports either S/PDIF or TOSlink digital audio signals, which are commonly used to transmit stereo and multichannel (5.1, DTS Digital, etc.) digital audio among various components. The "Digital Audio Extender" uses a sender and receiver system connected by CAT-5E cables to extend the digital audio. The Digital Audio Extender's sender unit connects to the audio source component. The Digital Audio Extender's receiver unit connects to the extended audio component (up to 200 Meters away). One CAT-5E cable connects the sender to the receiver.
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Allow user to listen the music by this audio extender.
Extend the music source to audio amplifier.
Allows digital signals to be transmitted using a single Cat5e or Cat6 cable.
Supports multichannel audio.
Select one input from Coaxial or Toslink input ports, and send S/PDIF audio signal to both Coaxial and Toslink output ports simultaneously.
2 Emitter output connections.
Convenient IR confirmation LED.
Power receptacle with LED indicator.