IR Repeater Kits

What is "IR Repeater kit" for?
When should I use wired IR Repeater Kit, and when should I use the wireless IR repeater kit?
Do your IR Repeater kit compatible with AT&T, Foxtel and CANAL cable TV system? How about furniture?
When should I use the bi-directional wired/ wireless IR Repeater/transceiver Kit with pairing function?
In what situation, I need pairing function / addressable IR Repeater Kit?
Can your wireless IR works with Alexa Speaker and Harmony?
How about your wireless IR with Google Home mini and Harmony?
There are a lot of suppliers who make either wired IR repeater kits or wireless IR Repeater kits everywhere in China, why should I purchase from you? Is there any benefit I can get?
I work for a shipbuilding company, and my clients ask me to install the IR repeater (Either wired or wireless one) on their ships. 1. Can I do that? 2. Because in the ocean, there are a lot of infrared around the ship. So, is there any reliability problem if I install/setup the IR Repeater on the boat?