HDMI Accessories
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 Switch 4 HDMI1.4/HDMI2.0(18Gb/s) input ports to 1 HDMI1.4/HDMI2.0(18Gb/s) output port.
 Compliant with HDMI1.4b, HDMI2.0b, HDCP1.4 and HDCP 2.2.
 On-chip EDID RAM for each input port.
 Re-timer structure to get superior 4K HDMI signal quality in long cable length.
 Built-in IR repeater function, with full-band IR receiver and two external emitter expansion.
 Memory function. Return to previous channel state when system reboot.
1. Embedded Full band IR Repeater functions allow IR remote control to access equipment behind the cabinet door. Easy installation.
2. Built-in re-timer to ensure high quality of HDMI with true 4K data.