Audio Power Amplifier
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Home-Network Mode
Connect MCAMPs to your home WiFi domain. Two ormore devices connected to a router to form a group
◆Suitable for fixed setting, multiple zones
◆Flexible grouping your speakers
◆One or Multiple Controllers Apps
◆Long distance and wireless, very lowsynchronization latency
◆In house, bar, restaurant, cafe, classroom ...

Stand-Alone Mode
Does not need WiFi LAN. Peer-to-Peer network ofdevices connected together to form a group
◆The only product to enable an Indoor/Outdoormulti-speaker use cases
◆Smart phones connecting to the zonesvia BT or WiFi
◆Garden party, beach activities, camp ground...
General Features
◆Convert any speaker into IoT WiFi speaker
◆Largest number of synchronized speakers supported (>30 sets)
◆”Portable party”–enjoy multizone without the need for an AP
◆Multiple speakers, multiplezones
◆One or multiple controllers Apps
◆Home AP is not in the critical path

◆Wireless Multi-Room music sharing. (> 30 devices)
◆Analog/Digital audio output interfaces.
◆Compatible with both IOS/Android system.
◆Streaming via WiFi or Bluetooth.
◆Unique DDMS (Dynamic Direct Multi-Node
Streaming) technique, home WiFi AP is not in the
critical path for setup.
◆Exclusive WiFi-DJTM APP.