USB Accessories
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Perfect for Equipment racks, Conference rooms, A V Systems, Planes, Yachts, RV’s, Busses, Bars, Gyms
◆The max output current 2.8A, long time use 2.1A, enough use.
◆Synchronous rectification, High efficiency,12V to 5V 1A can up to 92%.
◆Output 5V have 400W TVS tube protect your USB device.
◆Using the latest USB identification circuit, perfectly compatible with IPHONE, the most of
Android phones, IPAD etc.
◆Output voltage indicator (Blue).
◆Input with reverse polarity protection diode, will not damage when input connect
◆Provides complete fault protection such as input undervoltage lockout, output short
circuit protection, over current protection and thermal shutdown.

◆Main chip type: Non-isolated synchronous rectification
◆Input voltage: DC 6~24V
◆Output voltage: 5V
◆Output current: 2.8A Max
◆Conversion efficiency: 12V to 5V 1A can up to 92%
◆Switch frequency: 410KHz
◆Output ripple: 10mV around (12V to 5V @2A)
◆Static current: 0.5 mA