Audio Pre Amplifier
A-1387 : RIAA Phono Preamp With AUX Input


RIAA Phono Preamp With AUX Input

• Support Turntable and AUX Input
• Support Output Level Control
• Adjuster With Power Off Function
• A high-quality RIAA phono preamplifier for use with turntables equipped with moving magnet cartridges.
• Accurate and stable integrated circuit design. S/N Ratio 70dB.
• Output level control allows adjustment to provide balance with other sources

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• For all turntables with moving magnet (MM) cartridges or audio devices with line level (e.g. tape decks)
• External housing, reliably shielded against interference
• Top quality circuit technology and components
• Built-in low-noise phono preamp circuit conforms to the RIAA standard
• Power supply included

1. Input Impedance : 47K ohms
2. Output Impedance : 100 ohms
3. Phono Amplitude Gain : 40 dB (@1KHz)
4. AUX Amplitude Gain : 6 dB
5. Maximum Input : 50mVpp
6. Output Level : 5Vpp
7. Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20K Hz
8. Signal to Noise Ratio : 70 dB
9. Power Source: 12 VDC
10.Size (LxWxH): 145 mm x96 mm x 31mm
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