Audio Switcher / Splitter/ Matrix

A-1359 / A-1359A

2 In 4 Out Toslink Audio Switcher/Splitter

The new 2 in x 4 out S/PDIF Toslink Digital Audio Distribution switcher/Splitter replicates and distributes two (selectable) digital Toslink audio inputs to four Toslink audio outputs. This is a cost-effective solution to duplicate up to two Toslink signals from devices such as DVD player, cable box, satellite etc., select which one you'd like to distribute via push-button switch on top panel and distribute the signal to four identical outputs.
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Suitable for home or professional audio distribution.
Supports 2 optical inputs and 4 optical outputs
Built-in audio amplifier ensures loss-less signal integrity.
Supports 2CH LPCM audio signal (sampling rate up to 192kHz)
Supports Dolby and DTS audio signal
Supports sampling rate from 32kHz to 192kHz
Easy to install and simple to operate
Suitable for home or professional audio distribution
Low power consumption